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Kayleigh, 16, England. Just a girl who loves YouTubers rather a lot. I'm always here to help, or just for a chat, so feel free to ask me anything! :)



I’ll never get tired of this gif. (Too much hotness)




I’ll never get tired of this gif. (Too much hotness)


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"First of all, I wanna say a toast to you guys. I am obsessed with all of you."

we’re obsessed with you, Troye

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// quick drawing of troye’s 2013 song, one of my absolute favourite videos //


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honorsawkwardlife-deactivated20 said: Who is your OTP? xx


Me and Baby Glitter x

this is the cutest thing ever Louise :’)

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phil impersonates his youtube icon


phil impersonates his youtube icon

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I can’t thank y’all enough for another great month of collabs. <3

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hi im kayleigh 😊 sorry im late to the meetup!

hi im kayleigh 😊 sorry im late to the meetup!

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fuck them and their little messages 

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Bold What Applies To You



I am male
I am female
I am nonbinary
I am under the age of 18
I am 18 or older
I am straight
I am gay or lesbian
I am bisexual or pansexual (polysexual)
I am trans


I have two or more friends
I have one friend
I have no friends
I have/had a best friend
I am close with my friend(s)
I spend a lot of time with friends
I have a crush on a friend 
I hate a friend
I wish I had fewer friends
I wish I had more friends


I am single
I am in a relationship
I am married
I am a virgin
I often date
I prefer to date extroverted people
I prefer to date people who are like me
I prefer to date people who are unlike me
I take relationships seriously
I have high standards
I date people who are overweight
I date people who are skinny


I have/had depression
I have cried myself to sleep
I have/had anxiety
I am often lonely
I keep a lot of emotions inside
I am scared of talking to people I want to talk more
I have an eating disorder
I have low self-esteem
I often feel I embarrass myself
I have been abused 
I feel people consider me dumb or don’t take me seriously
I am quickly jealous
I feel people want me to be someone/something I’m not
I have been sexually assaulted
I have experienced racism


I have become a better person
I have gotten out of a bad period of time
I am confident
I am looking forward to something
I have enjoyed myself over the past week
I have met a famous person
I consider myself a kindhearted person
I am currently feeling relaxed and comfortable
I appreciate the little things in life
I have nobody in my life whom I hate
I have achieved something large this year
I am part of a religion that brings me peace
I have a movie/game/song which cheers me up


get scared from watching horror movies
…play a sport
…read a lot of books
…have allergies
…feel shy around other genders
…believe in love at first sight
…own an instrument
…can draw
…am listening to music right now
…value romance and friendship equally
…have sneaked out of the house
…am outgoing
…respect people’s comfort zones and personal space
…am deaf
…spend money on a daily basis
…want to write a book
…can ride a horse
…am asexual (on the aromantic spectrum)
…put my hands over my face when I’m flattered
…like the colors pink and yellow 
…own an xbox
…shop at least once a week
…have a drivers license
…drink alcoholic beverages
…get scared by unsettling imagery and screamers
…eat fast food at least twice a week

Likes and Dislikes

I like parties
I dislike parties
I like perfume
I dislike perfume
I like “so bad it’s good” movies
I dislike “so bad it’s good movies”
I like playing video games
I dislike playing video games
I like chocolate
I dislike chocolate
I like having a busy schedule
I dislike having a busy schedule
I like laughing at my own jokes
I dislike laughing at my own jokes
I like compliments
I dislike compliments 
I like heavy metal music
I dislike heavy metal music
I like snow
I dislike snow
I like taking walks with someone
I dislike taking walks with someone
I like people who aren’t very talkative
I dislike people who aren’t very talkative

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Here’s a picture of a cat!”

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I am always up for a chat or here if you need help with anything, so feel free to message me whenever and i would love to talk and become your friend ^-^

Please put a * at the end of your message if you want me to answer privately :)