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Kayleigh, 16, England. Just a girl who loves YouTubers rather a lot. I'm always here to help, or just for a chat, so feel free to ask me anything! :)

Taking a break from tumblr

Sorry i’ve not been posting lately, i have been busy with lots of stuff and haven’t had time to be blogging, and just haven’t much been feeling like posting. I am going to take a break from tumblr for a while, but i’m sure i will be back at some point, so hope you are all okay and yeah bye for a bit <3

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way too precious for their own good.

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slowly-paranoid said: hello beauty! I just wanted to know if you know a youtube channel or sth where I can rewatch the whole radio show? bc I cant watch it today and I dont really know where I can like catch um. thankd xx

danandphilonradioone.tumblr.com should hopefully be posting a recording of the show :) x

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i finally got instagram yesterday, so if you wanna be amazing and go follow me then i will love you a lot! 

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[forced guilty laughter]

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Blessing aka dose hips dont lie VS. Troye aka old grandpa

i am troye, troye is me

we are all Troye. 

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I am always up for a chat or here if you need help with anything, so feel free to message me whenever and i would love to talk and become your friend ^-^

Please put a * at the end of your message if you want me to answer privately :)