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Kayleigh, 16, England. Just a girl who loves YouTubers rather a lot. I'm always here to help, or just for a chat, so feel free to ask me anything! :)

your skin doesn’t define you.

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some of Dan’s thoughts on abuse in the YouTube community.

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Tanya Burr September Vlogs:
DAY 11 ☂ Leg Disaster At Fearne Cotton’s Fashion Show! (x)

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When I tickle you, you always get really scared of me!

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With a second iTunes hit, this time at number one, and recent worldwide chart debuts for an EP which has only come out today, Australian teenager Troye Sivan may be about to transcend the tag of internet sensation and become a genuine music star.

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I am always up for a chat or here if you need help with anything, so feel free to message me whenever and i would love to talk and become your friend ^-^

Please put a * at the end of your message if you want me to answer privately :)